All About Active

This might sound odd, but do you know what the best thing is now I have turned my life around and got into personal fitness and daily activity?

The beer and pizza!!!

You see, once I had committed to a more physically active regime, I wasn’t only working out in a healthy way, but living in a healthier manner: following nutrition tips from my boot camp’s personal instructor, I was able to make much better choices at home and when out with my friends.

And because I am more confident with my personal choices, it means I can really enjoy the beer and pizza when I want a treat! It tastes so much better when it’s not giving me pangs of guilt!

That’s what my blog is for – to show you the good ways to keep healthy and fit, so that you can ENJOY LIFE without personal fitness being a chore. Feel free to contact me, or just leave a comment on any page!

Keep Active!

PS: Check out this great example of Boot Camp workouts!