Interior Designer Shares Tips for Reducing Noise in Your Home

Your home is the place where you love to relax after a hard day’s work or just laze for hours with your favourite book. However, noise; especially from outside, can be a huge irritant throughout the day and get on your nerves if the level is too high. In fact, sound pollution has become a global cause for worry and people are forever looking for ways to reduce the level of noise inside their home. 

There are several Sydney interior designers that can help you select the right sound-proof materials and structures and install them in a professional manner so that you can enjoy the peace in your home for years. 

Invest in a Good Quality Carpet

Wall to wall carpeting is one of the best ways of reducing noise levels. Invest in a good quality thick carpet that will absorb noise significantly and help maintain silence inside a room. A top rated interior decorator has a multitude of options in carpets for you to select from that are durable, aesthetically appealing and thick enough to absorb both outside and inside noise. 

Install Flooring Underlayment 

If you prefer hardwood or laminate sheets for your floor, then your best option to reduce noise is to install an underlayment. Sound reducing underlayment is an excellent option to lower the noise level in homes with hard flooring. However, here too quality matters and you must invest in high quality recycled, thick and dense underlayment for best sound control. These are much heavier than foam, more durable and provide excellent sound absorption. 

Arrange Furniture Away from the Walls

Experts in sound management maintain that all the walls of a room transmit sound in different directions through conduits such as furniture. Arranging the furniture away from the walls breaks this conduit and goes a long way in disrupting seamless transmission of sound across the room. 

Add Drapes and Rugs 

The type of furnishing you use also goes a long way in reducing the noise level in your home. Thick curtains in natural fibres keep out both harsh sunlight and noise from outside. Stiff and hard blinds may block the sunlight but will do little to minimize the entry of noise from outside. 

Similarly thick rugs too (if you don’t want or can’t afford carpeting in every room) absorb sound significantly. Throw in some good quality colourful rugs that will not only make your rooms look brighter but also absorb noise to some extent. 

Invest in Solid, Sound-proof Doors 

Hollow, poor quality doors do little to block out outside noise. These may be inexpensive but consider it as a long-term investment and always go for top-range, solid doors that are extremely durable. If you want quiet and peace inside your home for years, installing solid doors should be on your must-buy list.

Replace Old Windows

Old windows with gaps in them are just perfect entry points for sound from outside. Consult with the best interior decorators in Sydney to learn more about the latest options in sound-proof windows that will not only lower the noise level but also keep your rooms cooler.