Weight Loss

Kettlebell Training for Weight Loss in Women

For women who want to train lose weight but do not want bulging muscles; there is no better workout module than kettlebell training. Kettlebell workouts are total body workouts that focus on the entire body instead of isolated muscles. This means all the major and minor muscles of the body get activated uniformly for overall development and strengthening.


Furthermore, kettlebell workouts with a Brisbane kettlebell CEC certification are also considered a form functional workout i.e working out with kettlebells regularly help improve ease of doing daily functions. For women, this is especially important as they have to go through a range of motions throughout the day. 

Be sure to check out Fitness Australia’s CEC courses for more info.

The Kettlebell Swing

The swing is one of the fundamental kettlebell exercises of kettlebell training that is excellent for your legs, glutes, hips, back muscles, shoulders and overall fat loss. To do this move perfectly, begin in a standing position with feet placed wider than your hips.

Grip the kettlebell with both hands, bend knees slightly and push the hips backward. Then with a fluid motion drive your hips forward while the kettlebell swings upward. Remember that the uplift motion of the kettlebell should be from the upward thrust of the hips and not your arms. Return to standing position.

Online coaching can be a fantastic way to learn how to train with kettlebells effectively, safely and with maximum impact.

Having trained with kettlebells for over 15 years I have witnessed first hand how kettlebells can transform your body.

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