Five Mistakes to Avoid when Working Out after a Long Gap

When you return to working out after a long break, you could very well feel that your body doesn’t feel the way it used to and it seems to take more effort to perform the exercises you used to do earlier. Working out under the supervision of your gold coast trainer will enable you avoid common mistakes.

Don’t Go At It Hammer and Tongs

Just because you might have been a particular level of fitness before you had taken a break does not mean that you can return to the same level the day you resume. Any professional personal fitness trainer will advise you to start slowly. You can keep doing the same exercises as before but the intensity needs to be much lower to prevent exhaustion and injury. Don’t attempt to prolong the sessions beyond 45 minutes every alternate day.

Don’t Make Exercising a Boring Affair

Your return to a regular exercise schedule will be far more fruitful if you find out activities that you really enjoy. Making a comeback is difficult as it is without making the affair deadly boring. Consult your trainer to choose a set of activities that will ensure working out all your muscle groups and additionally make the experience so enjoyable that you actually start looking forward to it. Taking along a friend or even your dog or listening to music can be good techniques.

Being Impatient About Results

The fact that a return to former physical fitness cannot be done overnight is a no-brainer. It is completely unreasonable and even foolish to expect that you would get back your earlier levels of fitness in a jiffy so a whole lot of patience is required. At first the going would be pretty tough, you soon you will find yourself revelling in your progress and you are sure to be back on track in six to eight weeks. Take your trainer into confidence about your goals as well as the symptoms of fatigue you may be experiencing to enable him tweak the exercises appropriately.

Don’t Get Obsessed With Calories

When you are in a rush to get back to optimal physical fitness after a long break, it is very easy to be obsessed with calories and how to reduce fat levels. It is more important to change your dietary habits because a balanced and nutritious diet is more responsible for your fitness levels than workouts because only hormonal signals will inform the brain when to burn fat or otherwise. You eating habits should actually lay the foundation of your physical fitness with your exercise regimen triggering the hormonal signals.

More Is Better

There is a common belief that the more your exercise, the better off you are. This is simply not true as pushing yourself too hard might cause your blood sugar levels to bottom and you could find yourself craving for food that in all likelihood will replace more calories that you burnt off in the first place. In fact as your gold coast trainer will inform you working out for too long increases the cortisol level that in turn starts breaking down muscle. You also need to give your body adequate rest so that it gets the time to rebuild itself. Ask your gold coast trainer to chalk out a fitness regimen for you to follow. If you don’t have a personal trainer yet, time to take action.