Club Training

Steel Clubs Vs Indian Clubs

Indian clubs are a lot like steel clubs, but they’re made of wood and have some differences. For one thing you can choose the color! The other major difference is that these bad boys won’t hurt your hands when it hits something because there’s no metal in them at all; not even for scrap or bent value.

Steel club exercises are great for shoulder exercises since they allow you to perform rotational motions, unlike other types of equipment such as shoulder presses and rows. The lighter weight is ideal if stability rather than strength training sounds more appealing!

Indian clubs are a great way to get your blood flowing and stay active. They can be used as simple exercises, or more complex ones that challenge full brainpower with every movement! The heavy weight will provide benefits for those who want an intense workout; while light weights still offer some muscle activation but not enough strength enhancement since they’re less difficult on joints compared to heavier versions of same exercise type (such as deadlifts).

Persian meels

Indian clubs are used by ancient Hindus to improve joint mobility, coordination and balance. They work on the shoulders as well as wrists by moving around freely with a full range of motion that increases injury resilience while also increasing force production!

The Steel Club is a great tool for strengthening your entire upper body. The swing can be used to condition every muscle in the arms, shoulders and back while also improving mobility with proper technique!

The history of the Indian clubs is ancient, with some suggesting they originated in Asia over 4500 years ago. These stone age implements were used for strength training by early humans and became popularised among other cultures throughout Europe after it’s adoption into their society through trade routes that connected them to India – where these swings first took shape!

Indian clubs are the perfect tool for any fitness enthusiast, and with a weight that can be used by everyone from beginners to professionals there’s no excuse not give them try. If you’re looking into buying your first pair of 1 or 2 pounders just know they will get better as long as technique is maintained! Once mastered go up in lbs according: “If I want my training sessions easier then choose two pounder; if heavier yet still manageable feel free take 3lbs.”

When you throw a ball, your arm works the muscles inwards and outwards. But by working both these groups of muscle as well as some additional support staff such core abdominal valley group (abdominal cavity) with an emphasis on rotator cuff function-you’re training for success at any sport!

So the question is…. Indian clubs vs steel clubs?

It really depends on your goals. If you want to get stronger go the steel clubs, if you want to improve mobility then choose the Indian clubs – either way… you’ll have lot’s of fun learning.