Ways to Ensure you Avoid Putting on Weight When on Holiday

A holiday is a dream-come-true for you, a time when you can really relax and spend some quality time with your loved ones or in solitude. It’s also the time when restrictions are down and you really love to indulge yourself all the way! However, a few days or weeks of unbridled joy should not become a cause for concern later.

Yes, holidays are the most susceptible time for weight gain because of various reasons. If you are not careful enough about how you conduct yourself, you can easily put all the good work done with Rushcutters Bay personal training to waste. A few pointers can help you restrain yourself and ensure that you do not gain a huge amount of weight during your holidays.

Maintaining your Body Weight during Holidays

Understandably, holidays are the time when you pay little attention to all the restrictions imposed by your Rushcutters Bay personal training on your regular routine and diet. You love to indulge in different cuisines, party a lot and indulge in alcohol. You may also skip regular workouts which, as your personal trainer will emphasise; is so essential for maintaining an ideal body weight. The best way is therefore to enjoy your holidays responsibly so that you don’t to work extra hard under your personal trainer once you return home.

Keep your Mind off Food

Food is one of the most integral thrills of a holiday. Local cuisines, exotic spreads, lavish dinners all leave their mark on your girth without you even being aware of it. A lot of it can however be avoided with mental strength. Use your holidays to explore other areas of your destination and not just the gastronomic delights. Even among local cuisine or hotel food, search for healthier options and stick to them.

Avoid Partying Frequently

Don’t use your vacations as an excuse to unleash the party animal within you. While on a holiday, keep yourself engaged meaningfully by enrolling for long tours and sightseeing programmes. These should keep you busy enough and tired enough so that you don’t really miss the party guys.

Weigh yourself Regularly

Your Rushcutters Bay personal training will tell you that one of the best and easiest ways of maintaining your body weight during holidays is to weigh yourself at regular intervals. Maintain a chart so that you are exactly aware of whether you are being able to stay in shape.

Learn to Manage Portions

The art of portion controlling is a great tool in weight management. Your personal trainer is the best person to show you how to do is safely and effectively without disturbing your daily calorie requirements. As per his advice, you must practise how much to take of which food groups; how to select the healthiest food options even at parties; how to identify food laden with empty calories; how to calculate your daily calorie requirement and so on.

Workout whenever Possible

Your personal trainer will tell you that even while on holidays you must never discontinue exercising. Many hotels and resorts offer gym facilities for guests which you can check out. Otherwise, search in the vicinity for a suitable gym or outdoor workout programme for tourists. If nothing else, you can always go for long walks and treks which are simply great for fat burning.